Maureen Valfort Working Process

Featured in the Artist Introduction series started by Sarah Gordon is French born, London based Illustrator and Designer Maureen Valfort. Her work combines graphic marks, with bold colour and simple shapes, which translates into wonderful decorative designs and narrative illustrations. Through a series of objects, figures and nature based elements, Maureen's imagery is both intriguing and playful, often, drawing the spectator into a scene or story.

With a background in Graphic Design, Maureen is frequently drawn to Folk Art and takes inspiration from patterns, shapes, colours, textures, as well as creative areas such as architecture, fashion, photography and film. With an extensive collection of sketchbooks behind her, Maureen continually refers back to her drawings, to inspire the artwork for a brief or project.


What really inspires me to be creative, is going to the print studio and talking, sharing with incredibly talented people.


Watching documentaries on animals and historical events, also provoke new ideas and it is this element of narrative, which frequently informs the basis for her imagery. Her work simultaneously engages the viewer, whilst providing a visually delightful combination of bright colour and simplistic shapes or pattern. When it comes to producing the artwork, her process is an amalgamation of anolgue and digital means.

When I start a project I do lots of research to understand the subject area and get inspired. I look at photographs of real people or plants and objects and make some sketches...I tend to draw first by hand using pens and brushes and then sort the composition and the colour on the computer.

In some cases, this process is developed further by drawing directly on the computer with a graphic tablet. This allows for quick alterations and refinements within the artwork and ensures her illustrations and designs are completed with the desired effect.

Maureen has worked for some big names including Uniqlo, Skype, Habitat, Koel, Idee and Wolle roedel. We think her work is extremely adaptable and would particularly suit the realms of packaging, publishing, editorial and interior projects, including mural artworks.

We currently sell prints by Maureen at our Gallery so don't forget to check that out also!