How I got where I am now...

My trajectory within the creative industries has been varied to say the least. I started working life in the music industry aged 18. After a few years I travelled the US and Europe where I lived with a number of Artists and Designers and developed a taste for creativity.  When I returned to the UK and with a small portfolio of painting, drawing and photography I gained a place on the foundation at Chelsea College of Art.  Always working alongside studying, I also assisted a fashion & costume designer and went on to study a degree in Surface design and decoration, graduating at the age of 31. 

I was searching for something and had no real guidance to find what it was - my only guide was to watch and learn from the people I worked for, studying artists, designers, writers and of course learning from some important tutors and mentors. The creative training and personal development work I did at that time enabled me to become visually literate, and the last 17 years has seen me commission award winning illustrators for the Guardian newspaper, represent artists and illustrators and start up a side-line business that eventually led to selling art at international shows and fairs, and become a visiting lecturer to a number of Art colleges across the UK. 

Throughout these past 30 years of weaving my way, there have been times of frustration, doubt and lots of worry, but there have been tremendous moments of achievement and pride. I have had to learn on my feet, by asking questions, seeking help and advice, getting skilled and learning from the many mistakes I've made. There have been stretches of boredom too - which has always preceded change.

From these years of experiences of trying to find the right way for myself, I am able to empathise with the challenges that creatives face in trying to find the right way for them. There is no set formula but I understand the anxieties that you may have, or the quiet confidence that you have something worth showing the world - you just need some help getting it fine tuned. I believe you can have a sustainable, creative future and am here to help you achieve that. 

You can contact me to discuss arranging a one-to-one advice session here