Susie Hogarth in the Guardian Review

Susie's beautiful work has recently been commissioned to illustrate a piece by John Mullan on the novel Emma written by Jane Austen. Mullan's piece analysed the character Emma, written 200 years ago - and how the story of this somewhat self-deluded young woman who meddled in the lives of her neighbours became a forerunner - some say - to Proust and Henry James in terms of style and content - revolutionary at the time. 

The piece, entitled 'How Jane Austen's Emma changed the face of Fiction with Susie Hogarth's illustration ran on the front cover of the Review section on Saturday 5 December. 

You can read the article here: 

Oscar de la Renta by Susie Hogarth

The super talented Susie Hogarth has just completed a stunning set of illustrations for Conde Naste Contract publishing to accompany an indepth article on Oscar de la Renta. Due for publication later this year, you can see a sneak peak of Susie's work here

Maureen Valfort for Wolle Rödel

Maureen Valfort's amazing range of drawing skills sees her work applied to a number of diverse applications. Although some of Maureen's Valfort's illustration and design work has very graphic lines and cut out shapes, for this commission for German Haberdashery store Wolle Rödel, Maureen has shown her excellent drawing skills to produce a range of illustrations for their shop including wallpaper and large scale drawings applied to the walls. 

The History of Wine by Pincel Signs

The Boundary Hotel in Redchurch Street, London E2 recently commissioned Pincel Signs (Manuel Griñon) to complete a large scale mural for their stairwell from the basement to the top floor. "The Story of Wine" was a big challenge for Manuel who spent 2 months working on this engaging illustrated journey of the industry and enjoyment of Wine. 

Sari Cohen for 'O' Magazine

It has been a busy month for Sari Cohen  having just completed a number of commissions including this recent editorial piece for 'O Magazine'. Sari was commissioned to complete 10 illustrations on the theme of 20 Questions every Woman should ask. Questions ranged from 'Am I Waiting for my "real life: to Start?' to 'Do I see Myself as Others See Me?'. Sari really enjoyed the challenge and the illustrations feature in the February edition of the US publication of Oprah Winfrey's magazine. 

Kristi Minchin for Iris Worldwide

3d maker and Illustrator Kristi Minchin was recently commissioned by Iris Worldwide to create a series of arrows for a campaign for Philips. It was a super fast turnaround on Kristi's behalf and the final outcome was a success for a Christmas packshot.

Bee Davies Interview

Want to find out more about our Illustrator Bee Davies? Why not check out her recent interview feature with Charlotte Mary Rose for Illustration Matters; 'Fashion on paper pages'.

This engaging interview provides an insight into her illustration practice and process, her inspirations and her previous collaborations. 

I love to observe everything around me and see how my hand wants to communicate this. I love keeping up to date with various blogs, in particular with fashion and I’ll have situations where I’ll see a piece from a collection and think ‘I HAVE to draw that!’.

Want to read more? Bee's interview can be found here

You can follow Charlotte Mary Rose on Twitter for plenty of daily illustration inspiration. Her , Illustration Matters, is also updated with Artists interviews, creative reviews and industry insights.

Maureen Valfort Working Process

Featured in the Artist Introduction series started by Sarah Gordon is French born, London based Illustrator and Designer Maureen Valfort. Her work combines graphic marks, with bold colour and simple shapes, which translates into wonderful decorative designs and narrative illustrations. Through a series of objects, figures and nature based elements, Maureen's imagery is both intriguing and playful, often, drawing the spectator into a scene or story.

With a background in Graphic Design, Maureen is frequently drawn to Folk Art and takes inspiration from patterns, shapes, colours, textures, as well as creative areas such as architecture, fashion, photography and film. With an extensive collection of sketchbooks behind her, Maureen continually refers back to her drawings, to inspire the artwork for a brief or project.


What really inspires me to be creative, is going to the print studio and talking, sharing with incredibly talented people.


Watching documentaries on animals and historical events, also provoke new ideas and it is this element of narrative, which frequently informs the basis for her imagery. Her work simultaneously engages the viewer, whilst providing a visually delightful combination of bright colour and simplistic shapes or pattern. When it comes to producing the artwork, her process is an amalgamation of anolgue and digital means.

When I start a project I do lots of research to understand the subject area and get inspired. I look at photographs of real people or plants and objects and make some sketches...I tend to draw first by hand using pens and brushes and then sort the composition and the colour on the computer.

In some cases, this process is developed further by drawing directly on the computer with a graphic tablet. This allows for quick alterations and refinements within the artwork and ensures her illustrations and designs are completed with the desired effect.

Maureen has worked for some big names including Uniqlo, Skype, Habitat, Koel, Idee and Wolle roedel. We think her work is extremely adaptable and would particularly suit the realms of packaging, publishing, editorial and interior projects, including mural artworks.

We currently sell prints by Maureen at our Gallery so don't forget to check that out also!


As from January 2015 I have rebranded GAS Art Agency to Gina Cross Artists. The reason for this is because my gallery business GAS Gallery is  focused on fine Art print and didn't marry up entirely with the agency which proved confusing ! Here at GCA I aim to represent the work of exciting image makers working in Illustration and Design. I will also have regular posts on other matters relative to Illustration that ties in with my work as a visiting lecturer to Art Colleges in the UK. So... bear with me while the site finds its feet and more news coming shortly on recent commissions.

Wishing you all a peaceful 2015.